ECI MarkMif

After hitting the market, products need to be updated quickly in order to meet changing demands, in addition to product manuals. EC Innovations adopts CAT for higher translation efficiency that helps minimize cost for customers. We also aim to accelerate your internal review process for acceptance.

MarkMif, a PDF content marker developed by EC Innovations, leverages translation memory matching to avoid repetitive work during internal QA. MarkMif is easy to use. Before EC Innovations delivers your project, you can run MarkMif to mark match segments in the deliverable files as required by your localization team. During QA review, your localization team can focus on the updated segments in the current file, which means less repetitive work and higher efficiency.

Highlights of MarkMif

MarkMif adopts TM matching and allows customers to customize their settings. By default, MarkMif marks segments of the current file by three match types: perfect match (100%), high match (95%-99%), and low match (<95%). The lower the match rate, the bigger the difference between the current version and the previous version. With these match marks, your QA team can spend less effort on perfect-match and high-match segments, thus reducing the time wasted on repetitive review work.

You can customize the match types for each file, for example, high match to over 85%. You can also decide on the way segments are marked. If new and revised segments account for 30% of the latest file, you can select to mark low-match segments only for a clean tidy interface. This feature helps your QA team quickly locate updated segments.

After internal review, your ECI translation team will revise the translation according to your feedback, all marks in the file will be deleted during the DTP process, and the final delivery will be sent to you.

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