ECI Projekto

Selecting translation services is a time-consuming, labor-intensive task as the customer has to go through rounds of information exchange and confirmation with the supplier. ECI Projekto supports automated quotation based on agreed prices and individual needs, eliminating wait time.

What is ECI Projekto?

ECI Projekto is an automated quotation portal developed by ECI for enterprise customers. With Projekto, customers can get accurate quotation after creating a localization project, defining parameters such as language pair, and uploading the target language files and match files.

ECI Projekto Quotation Flow


Project setting and requirements

ECI Projekto lets you to customize parameters like language pair, specific industry, delivery time, and translation flow, and select third-party proofreading, DTP services, and upload match files (TMs) upon request.


Submit a request for quotation

Immediate quotation just a click away


Get a quotation instantly

A detailed quotation will be generated as per your customized needs. It includes a variety of information such as project word count, language pair, match information, discounts for each match type, and prices for DTP and management services.

Four Benefits for a New Localization Journey

24/7 Service

A web-based interface
Instant access to quotations

Customizable Quotation

120+ languages
Smart calculation of rates

Detailed Quotation

Automatic file analysis
Automatic TM matching
Easy access to detailed quotations


Management of past quotations
Lightweight project management

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