ECI TBMS Cloud-Powered Agility, Tailor-Made Processes

ECI TBMS allows you to streamline product localization and translation process by offering agile project management and flexible customized workflows. Online collaboration, quality control and automated delivery ensure project consistency and help shorten the turnaround time.

Intuitive, automated management process

The intuitive Console makes your project management easier and faster. It combines innovative technologies and features to automate your management process and bring you a unique user experience.

Project Creation and Tracking

  • Easy Creation of Projects:
    Create and manage all translation projects quickly
  • Track of Project Progress:
    Keep track of translation process and project progress in real time
  • Automated Workflow:
    Customizes automated workflows even for complicated translation projects

User-Centric Customization

  • Tailor-Made Processes:
    Supports optimization and customization of automated processes according to your needs
  • Scaling Up of Language Assets:
    Allows addition of language assets or instructions to reduce project costs and save time
  • Support for APIs and Connectors:
    Supports multiple APIs and connectors for seamless connection with your CMS system

Manage and Update Language Assets

  • Improved Translation Accuracy:
    Ensures the accuracy of language assets and reduce translation misunderstandings
  • Up-to-date Language Assets:
    Updates translation memories and termbases for all languages in real time
  • Well-Established Termbases:
    Guarantees terminology consistency, eliminates reworking of termbases and deploys content faster

Dashboard Visualization

  • Data Mining and Reporting:
    Presents wordcount, quality and efficiency data to assist you in decision-making
  • Data Comparison and Evaluation:
    Analyzes and compares the captured data for a visual presentation of your performance
  • Best-Fit Language Experts:
    Ensures a project is completed by the same language expert team to maintain consistent translation style

Data and System Security

TBMS apps and databases are deployed on Alibaba Cloud ECS and powered by Alibaba Cloud regarding server-related technologies.

Built on Alibaba Cloud Security Center Enterprise Edition, TBMS helps realize real-time identification, analysis, and early warning of security threats, and central monitoring of cloud data security, business system security, and identity management. With a variety of security capabilities, such as compliance checks and anti-ransomware, anti-DDoS, anti-brute-force, anti-virus, and anti-tampering protection, TBMS delivers automated security operations such as threat prevention, threat detection, investigation & response, and active defense.

Explore More on ECI TBMS

A full range of features to meet the diverse needs of your projects

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01.Cost Estimation

Generates quotes quickly based on predefined prices to help you control project cost within the defined budget.

02.Language Asset Management

Supports one-stop online management of translation memories, termbases and style guides to ensure efficient and accurate translations.

03.Query Management

Facilitates project communication and query management through information sharing.

04.Vendor Rating

Evaluates the service quality of vendors using multiple custom indicators to achieve more smooth cooperation.

05.Document Library

Features easy document organization to save time and ensure document consistency and security.

Advantages in using ECI TBMS

Innovative Technologies Empowers Automated Management

Easy to Use

ECI TBMS is a SaaS-based online project management platform. You can go through the entire process from project creation to delivery with minimal effort – just follow the instructions provided.

High Security

Automated workflows and security features of the platform guarantee the security of your project information by enforcing security procedures and confidentiality agreement.

Smart Automation

Automated processes based on the project rules help simplify collaborative tasks and project management. Manual intervention is eliminated to minimize errors and costs.

Faster Localization

Creation, management, submission and tracking of projects come together in a simple console for you to bring everything under control.

Assured Quality

Common words and sentences are updated quickly into intelligent termbases and translation memories (TM), without compromising on quality, consistency and speed.

Reduced Time and Cost

Highly automated processes enable you to efficiently manage translation projects, helping you increase productivity, eliminate inconsistencies, shorten project delivery and reduce translation costs.