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These modules not only increase the speed and accuracy of human translation, they also increase the quality and effectiveness of automated translation

Smart Term

Glossary creation is the first step before translation to set up the terminology standards, as well as a part of language asset. However, this procedure is very time-consuming. In general, the creators have to go through the entire project and copy and paste those important words/phrases they want to record into the glossary file. Some tools can help to automate this procedure, but the results are not always acceptable. 

SmartTerm is a application module under ECI TranSuite developed by EC Innovations, which helps to simplify this manual process to some extent. Creators simply need to mark the words/phrases they want to record and click a button instead of doing copy and paste, and all the marked words/phrases are imported into the formatted glossary file automatically.


SE63 is a powerful online translation environment of SAP, which is mainly used by SAP as well as its partners. However, SE63 is not an open environment. This means that the translation team can neither share the Translation Memory (TM) when more than one linguist is involved, nor can it support any popularly used CAT tool.

To meet the challenge of translation consistency, EC Innovations developed a plugin, Trados4SAP, which is integrated in ECI TranSuite. It allows linguists who are working in SAP SE63 to use Trados Workbench to share translation memories in real time. And by working with TMShare (a powerful application module under ECI TranSuite, which helps linguists outside of our Intranet to share translation memory in real time and globally, only if they have access to Internet) together, all linguists can share their TM in SE63 now, wherever they are located and whenever they work.

TM Share

For a big project which involves more than one linguist, translation consistency is a challenge. Sharing translation memory among all linguists is a good solution for such a challenge. However, such solution may not be practical in real world due to various limitations, e.g. some CAT tools do not support TM sharing, or high investment is needed (TM Server for instance), or all linguists must be in the same Intranet. No complicated installation, no any extra investment on soft- or hard ware. 

TMShare is our own developed powerful application module under ECI TranSuite, which helps linguists from the world who are not working on an Intranet to share translation memory in real time and globally, only if they have access to Internet.


Human beings can not avoid mistakes. During translation, the linguist may copy a wrong number or source word/acronym, or type a wrong word, or not correctly protect a XML tag. With proper setting, LanRobot can check numbers, tags, typos, consistency, term translation, etc. automatically. Moreover, it can be customized for both single- and double-byte languages. 

LanRobot support bilingual Word and TTX files so far, with more to be covered in the near future.

Tag Protector

File preparation can be regarded as the art of handling markup tags. SGML/HTML/XML files contain marks/tags, and Framemaker, InDesign and Quark files are also converted into tagged text before translation. 

To prevent the translators from accidentally changing the tags and damaging the function of the files, tags need to be protected. Some popular tagged files (HTML, XML, LSC) can be handled by CAT tools (computer-aided translation tools, such as Trados Tageditor) directly, while some special formats with tags that are not commonly used need to be protected manually. EC Innovations developed our own TagProtector based on our experience. With its help, we can easily identify all codes and define the rules for formatting the markup tags into a special style automatically, so that translators will not touch and corrupt these tags during translation.

QA Pro

QA report is a powerful tool to evaluate and feedback translation quality, so it’s widely used in translation industry, although different QA models (e.g. LISA model or SAE J2450) may be used. However, creating such a quality report manually is very time consuming, which needs many manual copy&paste works. 

To minimize such unnecessary manual works, we developed an application module called QAPro under TransSuite. It extracts and copies any changes to a quality report automatically during review process by single click. QAPro is compatible with most of popularly used CAT tools, like Trados, Catalyst, Passolo, Wordfast, Idiom Wordserver as well as Fortis.

EZ Review

EZ Review is an online platform for real time Review, proofreading and QA. Suport PC andMobile Device. You can modify, add comments to bilingual CAT files by multi-users for instant online, save the recording, and generate a modification report. There are also features that help to manage projects such as the date of submission and e-mail reminders.

Features: Very easy to use three step process: 1) create user accounts; 2) Create project; 3) assign the project or file to a Translator or Reviewer 

Report Exporting easier: You can export report of modification easily 

Multiusers online can simultaneously modify the file more effectively through annotations, efficiency and accuracy. 

Establish the date of delivery, to ensure the progress of the project.

ECI Transuite

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