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Subtitling Videos to Accurately, Effectively, and Clearly Convey the Source Message.

Subtitling is an effective, powerful, and simple way to portray your audio and visual message. As a type of audiovisual translation, subtitling has its own specifications, rules, and criteria. One thing to consider with subtitling is that it has time and space restrictions that directly affect the result. When it comes to maximizing global receptivity of your film, TV show, or documentary, it requires more than translating dialog, it also involves capturing the same meaning and context of the original content, in addition to adjusting length and time codes of the translated subtitles to make them clear and easy to read.

Subtitling Services

EC Innovations is a leading localization provider capable of subtitling videos, animations, commercials, digital marketing, and TV programs into 130+languages. Our subtitle translators are experts in their language field with the ability to retain the substance, style, and humor of the original version and convey it in another language.

Transcription and Translation

Transcription and translation employs our professional transcribers who watch and listen to the recording closely to transcribe the spoken word. The script is then checked to make sure nothing is omitted. Then, translators translate it into the target languages so that it is as informative and impactful as the original. Role information and accurate time codes are added for subtitling use.

Subtitle Adaption

Subtitle adaptation is the art of adapting the number of words per minute, lines per subtitle, and characters per line, taking into account reading speed, timing, and positioning. We build the timecodes by going through the footage frame-by-frame using professional subtitling software. This ensures that the video can be watched and the text can be read comfortably and easily at the same time.

Subtitle Formats

Video can be encoded with the new subtitles in various formats. We always provide various examples of subtitle output for your selection.

Subtitled Screen Text

When videos show text on the screen, and it is not spoken, that screen text also requires translation. In order to differentiate between the screen text and dialog, the screen text is identified with an asterisk within the subtitle.

Success Stories

Subtitling Translation and Localization for Rakshasa Street

EC Innovations is a leading provider of high-quality subtitling for games, videos/animations, commercials, digital marketing and TV programs. We know that subtitle translation is not just translating words, but is transforming ideas for the target audience. It requires creativity to adapt and capture both the style and substance of the original program. Our experienced linguistic talents and technicians can have your on-screen subtitles successfully localized and displayed across the bottom of the frame,matching the audio.

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