TBMS LPA Solution

Automatic and Centralized Translation Management Solution

Continuous Delivery: the Future of Translation

In the changing landscape of the translation industry, content is fragmented due to the popularity of Content Management Systems (CMS) and mobile applications; time to market has become shorter due to quick market evolution and a quick turnaround time development model. Small volume, multi-drop, short turnaround, multi-language, low-cost while ensuring high quality is becoming the norm for localization and translation projects. Manual processes for localization and translation can no longer match market demands and expectations.

ECI’s TBMS LPA (Localization Process Automation) solution is designed to enable localization managers and team members to centrally manage, control, and monitor fragmented file transfers and multilingual translation processes automatically to ultimately deliver quality translations on time and within budget.

Automatic Content Fetching & Transferring

A connector is built between the client CMS/TMS and our LPA. The files to be translated in the client’s CMS/TMS will be pushed to our LPA for translation and then sent to the CMS after translation. Document clean-up and conversion is based on predefined rules.

Automatic File Parsing & Converting

LPA solution is able to parse and convert source files into CAT compatible formats automatically.

Automatic Word Count, Analyzing & Quoting

Our LPA solution enables us to provide you with an immediate quotation based on predefined rates; this also allows us to bridge the gap between international office hours. A customized linguist team will commence work on your translation request after your approval of the quotation. The LPA solution enables us to provide quick turnaround time localization services.

Automatic Linguist Matching & Assignment

Our LPA solution conducts automatic resource allocation based on linguists’ personal attributes and KPI records, such as native language, academic background, translation experience in a specific industry, translation volume and quality score, geographic location, time difference, in addition to current availability, and other criteria. This ensures the best possible linguist is matched to your specific needs for new client or product line. For clients with whom we have established long-standing partnerships, a customized team of linguists will be assigned automatically.

Online Translation & Automatic QA Report Creation

Our web-based translation system enables all project team members to share and maintain the TM and terminology databases based on predefined procedures, so that you can coordinate and collaborate remotely with your global team members without having to worry about version control.

Translators and reviewers do not need to download a project kit sent to them via e-mail or TMS – they just click an authorized access link to immediately begin translating online. Glossary, query report, and team support are available online.

Online QA reports are created with just a few clicks to define error type and severity, or input comments. Translators confirm changes online and input comments when necessary and quality score is calculated based on translation quality standards.

Intelligent Data Mining & Reporting

Our LPA solution provides data-mining and reporting for different team members in the localization and translation business, including data and reports on workload/volume, cost, quality, productivity, and efficiency, which helps team members to make smart decisions.

Save Time and Effort

By eliminating manual file transfers and downloading deliveries from email with the help of our LPA connectors, especially optimized for translation tasks with fragmented content, short turnaround time, multi-drop and multi-language requests.

Receive Our Quotation Immediately

For small jobs and achieve quick turnaround and continuous delivery through customized linguist team and workflow automation.

Save Cost

By eliminating minimum charges through workflow automation.

Improve Productivity and Efficiency

Through our cloud-based translation tool, which enables translators around the world to work 24/7.

Improve Efficiency and Save Cost

For language asset maintenance (Translation Memory Database and Terminology Database) through our online model.

Improve Quality

with your dedicated project team (translators, editors, proofreaders, SME, in-country reviewer, PMs from vendor and client, QA specialists); with seamless online collaboration, translators and reviewers can discuss translations and receive online support from SMEs, and a quality report is available for review online by all project team members.

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