Voiceover & Dubbing

EC Innovations provides full access to 1000+ rigorously tested voice actors to match the role.

EC Innovations partners with professional voice actors to ensure that the final product is the best voice fit and highest quality, timed and formatted for lip synchronization, documentary style, or voiceover narration. We use state-of-the-art studios and equipment for recording and post-production suited for audio and video editing. EC Innovations offers all possible techniques: untimed recording, timed off-screen voiceover, lip sync dubbing and documentary style voiceover to help connect your business to your target audiences in a real conversation.

Subtitling Services

For video voiceover or dubbing projects, the most important factor to take into consideration is timing — to match up with the number of characters, talking speed and scene changes in the original video. Our solutions emphasize the following points:

Insert time-code and add word limit

Time codes serve the purpose of defining the duration of each audio segment. Word limit information helps make recorded audio files fit into the allotted timeframe.

Translate and approve the final script

Typically, the length of translated text is either shorter or longer than the original text. Our linguists are hand-picked for their ability to localize your story and message. They have the skill to make sure the translated speech and on-screen content are rendered to be narrated in a fixed time frame, and capture the nuance of the source material. And then, voiceover actors will adjust the translation to cope with the tones, pauses, and lip movement in original audio files.


Voiceover is commonly used for documentaries, demos, interviews, and eLearning videos by superimposing the localized language speech onto the original audio. With this technique, the target-language track is either strategically timed in accordance with specific slides, or laid over the original sound track, giving the impression of simultaneous interpretation.

Dubbing and Audio-Video Syncing

Dubbing is commonly used in film making and TV show recording. To deliver perfect timing and the highest quality dubbing production, our technical supervisors work closely with leading sound studios and best matched voice actors throughout the dubbing process, in order to re-record a natural and seamless soundtrack that match the timeframes, lip movements and scene changes of the video. We are also able to synchronize the audio and video and generate the final video that conforms to client’s request and parameters for resolution and format.

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